Registered Professionals Can Quote Projects with PACE as a Source of Funding

Registered Professionals

Chicago PACE registered professionals and contractors receive training on eligible improvements and the structure of financing.  Each can propose Chicago PACE financing as a component of their service offering to building owners. Building owners and developers can thus consider such proposals with confidence, but please note, an official program application is needed to secure project financing.  

If you would like to be connected to a registered professional, please "inquire" about your project above.

If you are a professional, please apply to be registered below and a representative will contact you shortly.

Apply to Become a Registered Professional

PACE can support a steady stream of work and revenue to registered contractors. Offering PACE as a finance option to clients allows contractors to add value by proposing a proven way to fund building upgrades. The nature of PACE allows for immediate financing for qualified upgrades for property owners, allowing projects to move ahead rather than having to wait for future funding to become available. Registered professionals can market themselves as "registered", which indicates that they can:

Status as a registered professional can thus improve client satisfaction and differentiate professional firms operating in a competitive environment.